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A fully operational Sump Pump will be your basement’s last line of defense from water floods

Foundation fractures can arise in a leaking basement for a variety of reasons. Acts of God, poor construction, and soil conditions/settlements. A foundation wall can be stressed by any of these factors and when severe enough will need foundation repair immediately. The type of foundation wall and the origin of the crack influence how a foundation crack is repaired. A foundation crack repair can be done with hydraulic cement, parging cement, or polyurethane crack injection, depending on how the foundation fracture formed and how long it has been there.

Foundation cracks types can include foundation wall cracks, concrete floor cracks, poured concrete foundation cracks, block wall foundation cracks and flagstone (cobblestone) foundation wall cracks.

The majority of foundation cracks are vertical or angled, however a horizontal fracture might be a structural hazard. Soil settlement, natural earth movements, and concrete shrinkage are all possible causes. These can be mounted on the inside or outside of the building.

Different Types of Foundation Walls

It’s critical to understand when your home was constructed and what type of foundation walls you have.
  • Foundation Wall Cracks: The settlement of your home or poor construction practices producing shrinkage in your concrete foundation wall can produce fractures in the foundation wall of your leaky basement. If the cracks are on the outside of your foundation walls, foundation repair can be done using the exterior waterproofing procedure, as previously discussed. If they emerge on the interior, one method of repairing vertical fractures is to seal and re-bond the sections of concrete foundation using a polyurethane mixture injected through injection ports into the foundation crack.
  • Floor Cracks: Due to the sinking of the structure and poor sub-surface drainage, cracks in the concrete floor slab can emerge over time. These are frequently the result of foundation wall cracks leaking onto your concrete basement floor. These will need to be fixed right away. Other floor cracks are considerably easier to repair, but they should not be ignored because they may worsen over time.
  • Poured Concrete Foundation Cracks: Seeing foundation cracks in a poured concrete foundation usually indicates that your home’s foundation walls are failing. Horizontal fractures near the floor may indicate that the building’s structural integrity has been compromised and need foundation repair.

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