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How to Reduce Mold and Moisture in Your Basement Living Space

Interior waterproofing is the greatest approach to recover your basement if there is too much moisture in your basement living area and mould starts to form on the walls. You will notice a difference in the enhanced air quality and dramatically reduced dampness of your living area as a result of reducing the quantity of moisture in your basement.

In the interior waterproofing process, our Waterproofing Toronto crew will utilize this combination of commercial-grade waterproofing materials:

  • Interior Drainage Membrane is a waterproof membrane that is laid to the top of your basement walls to assist send excess moisture and water down to the foundation’s foundation floor, where it is connected to a system of drainage pipes. The excess moisture that develops mould and other bacteria will be collected by this dimpled drainage membrane, which will keep these hazardous spores from spreading throughout your basement.
  • Drainage Pipe System that collects excess water that drains from the internal drainage membrane and runs along the footing of your basement walls and, if possible, inside your basement floor. The drainage piping will direct the water to a sump pump or a basement drain. To aid drainage, the piping is placed in the trench and covered with 3/4 crushed gravel. The drainage tiles and gravel are then covered with cement, and the trench is re-cemented.

Another Option is to Waterproof your Home from the Inside


Interior Waterproofing can be utilized instead of outside waterproofing for your foundation walls to ensure that you don’t have any leaks.

When it comes to waterproofing a leaky basement from the inside, homeowners can choose for an internal system for a variety of reasons. Because there isn’t always enough area or cost-effectiveness for unfinished basements, work can’t always be done from the outside. Another reason to employ inside waterproofing is that water rising from the ground can be channeled to a Sump Pump, which will release the water out of the house.

When it comes to internal systems, sump pumps are the most important component. Sump pumps are placed in a sump pit, where water runs into the pit and/or accumulates groundwater before being discharged away from the basement by the pump. Any water that leaks in once the internal system is installed will go through the weeping tiles to the sump, where it will be released.

The interior basement waterproofing Toronto experts will install drainage inside your home, rerouting water flow to a discharge point. The drainage membrane will drain water from walls that have been penetrated by water, providing a barrier between your living area and the wall. To create a seamless drainage solution, this can then be framed and finished on top.

To create a seamless drainage solution, this can then be framed and finished on top.


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