Sump Pump Drainage System Toronto

A fully operational Sump Pump will be your basement’s last line of defense from water floods

Interior waterproofing drainage solutions include sump pumps as a key component. Sump pumps are positioned in a sump pit, where water runs into the pit and/or accumulates groundwater before being discharged away from the basement by the sump pump. Sump pumps are vital and are frequently your last line of defense against basement flooding.

The following are the stages for installing a new sump pump in conjunction with an interior waterproofing job that has already been completed or is now underway:

  • To accommodate the new sump pump unit, a Sump Pump Pit must be dug into the concrete and the sump pump must be positioned beneath the surface of the floor. This is known as the sump pump pit, and it is filled with a specific sump pump housing that makes it easier to change the mechanism if it needs to be replaced. Some sump pumps can be put above the concrete floor level, however, this has the drawback of making the sump pump significantly louder as the mechanisms work.
  • The Sump Pump Mechanism is then put in the sump pump pit and connected to the inside drainage system, which was completed during the interior waterproofing project. The sump pump is linked to the drainage pipe’s other end to remove any surplus water that may have accumulated due to excessive moisture in your basement. The end of the drainage pipe draining outside of your foundation is then connected to permanently remove the water.

Your Last Line of Defense for Basement Floods

Make sure your sump pump is working properly on a regular basis.
  • We check the Sump Pump Backup Battery is operational during the sump pump installation to ensure that your sump pump will perform 100% in the event of a power loss or other disruptions to the power supply connected to your sump pump. Many older sump pumps lack a backup battery and are completely dependant on the power source they are connected to. A sump pump that can accommodate a backup battery is essential.

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