Why is Fall the Best Time for Waterproofing your Home?

| 21/09/2022

Fall is the ideal time to have your Waterproofing Job Done

The time is right now to consider having your basement waterproofed! In response to the basement flooding caused by the Spring Thaw and excessive rainfall, waterproofing is frequently done in the spring. The summer months should be spent either enjoying your backyard to the fullest or working on all of your backyard projects, such as building your deck, a new patio, installing that swimming pool you were considering acquiring, and other tasks. Now that fall has arrived, it’s a wonderful time to consider prepping your foundation for upcoming seasonal changes, particularly the hard and icy winters that Ontario residents typically experience.

Fall is a great time to waterproof a basement since there is less moisture in the air, which creates more favourable circumstances for both interior and external waterproofing. Installing a complete internal waterproofing system in your basement in preparation for winter helps reduce the amount of moisture that circulates there and feeds the growth of mould and mildew spores. When you use your basement living space much more frequently in the winter than you would in the summer, you’ll notice how much the air quality in your basement improves. Your basement shouldn’t be a portion of the house you have to avoid living in because your health is vital.

Better Weather Conditions for the Foundation Repair

From the perspective of the Waterproofing Toronto crew, exterior waterproofing is significantly simpler in the fall. The ground is frozen solid throughout the winter, and the cold weather makes it difficult for the personnel to waterproof your property as well as forecast the right day with the optimal conditions. Scheduling our staff to come out and perform the waterproofing job in the spring can be challenging unless you are correcting an existing basement leak that has arisen from the spring thaw.

Easier to book a set date for your Waterproofing Job

In addition to needing to predict a day without rain, snow, or other precipitation, it frequently happens that several people are trying to book waterproofing services at the same time. Due to the loss of rainy days and the saturated soil from winter, spring is both a busy period for waterproofing and the hardest time to finish a job. When it comes to scheduling convenience, having your waterproofing completed in the fall is ideal. Be proactive rather than reactive, and if you have an older home, waterproof it in the fall. In this way, you won’t have to fear that your basement foundation may leak by spring when you can re-seed, re-sod, or do all the landscaping work.


Here are a few more last-minute suggestions to get you ready for the winter and spring thaw

  • Make sure to wipe out your eavestroughs more frequently in the fall because there is a greater likelihood that leaves will clog up your downpipes and eavestroughs and freeze as the temperatures begin to fall.
  • Examine the soil grading surrounding your property to be sure it has not eroded or leveled down over time. Grading is a great strategy to stop water from collecting next to your foundation wall and freezing.
  • If you need to do any repairs to the brick mortar or concrete surrounding the property, you should do so in the fall because the winter will be too cold for the mixture to properly cure and settle. This also applies if you want to caulk or tar any areas near your home’s exterior.
  • Do not hesitate to get guidance from Waterproofing Toronto on how to maintain a leak-free basement foundation and property!

We hope that we were able to persuade you to think about having your basement waterproofed in the fall. As a homeowner, you want to make sure there are no unforeseen costs associated with basement flooding and property damage during the Spring Thaw. Waterproofing Toronto is prepared to assist you with the waterproofing of your basement and guarantee it with a lifetime warranty. Waterproofing Toronto also provides a variety of services, giving homeowners choices when it comes to waterproofing their homes. We sincerely hope that you take the extra precautions required to protect yourself from a wet basement because fall is unquestionably the greatest season to prepare your property.

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